One year of success...MERSAW Law Firm

Mohamed Hamed:
''During the global economic crisis, 4 lawyers from different educational background in Egypt decided to start their own business. Decided to apply the law that they have learnt in different law schools. Decided to work on their own though there are many well-known lawyers in the field. Decided to challenge the world and to start their own career, their own future.. Decided to establish MERSAW Law Firm. Now after one year of success we would like to thank all our clients for their trust. We Owe You that success..Thank You.''

M Tahawy:
''Establishing a law firm has always been my dream, that finally came true. The 4 of us decided to have one dream, one goal, which is a professional service for our clients. MERSAW Law Firm succeeded to achieve this success by God helps, hard working, wise management, and the team working spirit between its family. MERSAW Law Firm was not just the first registered professional law firm in Alexandria, but it is one of the top law firms in Egypt. Thanks to all our clients for their trust. You are the real reason of our success.''

Mohamed Belal:
''God helped us to achieve our goal. It was not easy to work in the global conditions, however we did what it takes to make our dream come true. MERSAW Law Firm is like a tree, we planted the seed, and it is blooming. With our clients trust we will harvest the success.''

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